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2013 Transantarctic Science Meeting FAQ

The Committee is currently finalizing details for the TAM Science Meeting.  Please check back soon for more information.

What is the purpose of the meeting?

The purpose of this meeting is to allow for the annual interaction amongst and within the varied group of established and young scientists of any background with interests in Transantarctic Mountains (TAM). This meeting is structured to facilitate:

  • High profile invited synthesis talks
  • Short three minute descriptions of recent results
  • One concurrent oral session to facilitate interdisciplinary exchange
  • Ample time for the exchange of ideas and planning for future research and collaborations
  • Planning of future campaigns and synergistic benefits interdisciplinary collaborations and/or shared field sites

In addition, this meeting will also support small group discussions concerning:

  • Long and short term research priorities
  • Common goals and multidisciplinary collaborations
  • Current logistics capabilities and future needs for camps/logistics hubs

The results of the group discussions will be collated, presented, and further discussed in a joint session. The results of the community deliberations will be included in TAM science-meeting report to help focus future research and planning activities. The information will be housed in and will be freely available through this website.

When is the meeting and what is the agenda?

The meeting will take place September 23-24, 2013 (the last Monday and Tuesday in September). Please check back later for more details on daily schedules, agendas, and events.

Where is the meeting?

The meeting is hosted by the Polar Geospatial Center at the University of Minnesota. More details about specific meeting locations, transportation, lodging, and more are coming soon.

How much does the meeting cost?

The National Science Foundation is providing full support (travel, accommodation, and some meals) for a number of young scientists, post-docs, and advanced graduate students to attend the meeting. Partial support (approximately 30% of the costs) is available for a number of experienced scientists.

How do I register?

This meeting has completed. If you want to register for the 2015 meeting, go to the 2015 meeting registration page.

What should I bring?

Please check back later for more details.