Antarctic Deep Field Camp - 2013 & beyond

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Conference Agenda

  • 2019 Interdisciplinary Antarctic Earth Science conference - Talks begin 9am Sunday, Oct. 13 and end at noon, Tuesday, Oct. 15 

Workshop Agenda

  • 2019 Deep field camp planning workshop - Begins 1:30pm Tuesday, Oct. 15 and ends 5:00pm, Wednesday, Oct. 16 


Registration is closed. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Camp Cedar Glen in mid-October!


Registration fees:  (a) Conference only - $150; (b) Conference + Workshop - $150; (c) Workshop only - $100.  These registration fees will cover lodging and all meals during your stay at Camp Cedar Glen. It is possible to register for either the conference or the workshop or both.  You can choose to find your own accomodation and pay a reduced registration fee $100 (flat rate regardless of what combination you register for).  The registration deadline will be Aug. 23, 2019.  

For more details on the meeting, visit the 2019 Overview page. 

Information about submitting abstracts for the Conference (deadline Aug.23):

  1. Download the abstract template if you plan to submit an abstract.
  2. Complete and submit a form posted below.
  3. After submission, you will be redirected to payment processing (except those who have received an official registration waiver) and receive a registration confirmation email. The confirmation email will contain your confirmation information number and a link to submit an abstract. 

Information about submitting posters for the Workshop (deadline Sept. 20). Recommended for all attendees.

  1. Download and fill in the poster template (.ppt file) if you plan to attend the Workshop. 
  2. Email the file as a .pdf or .ppt file to tamcamp13@gmail.com by Sept. 20.  Use the subject line:  Workshop poster submission.  We will print the posters at a size ~18" x 42" and have them ready for you at the Workshop. The posters will also be assembled into a PDF document and become part of the final workshop report to NSF.