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Shackleton Glacier Camp (SHG)

At the 2012 TAM Camp Workshop, Shackleton Glacier Camp was selected to be the site for the location of a new camp in the Central Transantarctic Mountains. You can read about the selection process here.

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Camp History & Resources

Latitude: 85.08° S
Longitude: 175.38° W

Shackleton Glacier Camp

A field camp at the confluence of the Shackleton and MacGregor Glaciers has been occupied at least three times.  Research opportunities from this location were considered during the 2006 workshop and, at the time, the highest priority research topics that could be addressed from this site were thought to be Paleoenvironments, Landscape and Glacial History, and Ecosystems. Adjacent bedcrock outcrops are of the Beacon Supergroup, which have produced important fossil records.   Small lakes and ponds are known from the base of Mount Heekin.